Business Marketing with Twitter Part 2
twitter for business





With consumers taking on the broadcasting role on sites like Twitter, it only makes sense to turn these broadcasters into raving fans of your products and services. When this happens, your message can go viral throughout the web. These fans will help create warm, ready to buy referrals for you, and we all know that there is nothing like getting a good prequalified referral. Those truly are the best people to sell to because they are ready to buy and buyers are what we are in this for.

This is a very interesting marketing shift because now your customers are selling to future customers, and it costs us nothing in return. Now, that is some effective advertising at great prices! Companies no longer have to spend untold hours developing elaborate impressions of their online brand. Their brand image is now being created by everyday people as they write online about their experiences. They do this as they sit in their homes, at work, and at local cafes typing away to their heart’s content on their computers offering their latest opinions, news, tips, and reviews. Social sites like Twitter are now at the forefront of this revolution, and you should do your due diligence to get involved in the shaping of your brand’s image online.

By getting involved in social media conversations, you cannot control what is said, nor the end result, but you can help shape the direction that the conversations go in and help bring about a positive outcome. Disgruntled people are everywhere, and you will not please everyone, but you will have an opportunity to correct inaccuracies and downright lies about your products and services, and if there are any misunderstandings, you can quickly resolve these.