Business Marketing with Twitter Part 3
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With the the internet and social media in particular, companies need to be more transparent and own up to their mistakes. They also must take the time to fix them quickly before things get out of hand, and that can happen quickly. One of the best ways to monitor your brand and its reputation is to set up Google Alerts for your company name and monitor what is being said about your business on the web. Google will send you emails or RSS feeds for anything that they index in their search engine that pertains to your business name. You can also monitor products and services that you offer and you can even keep a good eye on your competition too. These Alerts can be read in Google Reader. Both Google Reader and Google Alerts are free services from Google.

If you try to hide your mistakes online, you will get eaten alive with social media sites like Twitter. Everybody knows everybody’s business now. You will want to respond very quickly to any negative feedback left about your company because if you don’t, serious damage can be done because it is easy for an angry mob to form. Just a little helpful information can quickly diffuse the situation and help keep your brand image in a positive light.