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Don’t Forget Mobile

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apple apologyThe world of online marketing is much bigger than searches performed on desktop and laptop computers. With Smart Phones like the Apple iPhone, Motorola Droid Bionic, or Samsung Galaxy, your potential customers can find you while they are in a traffic jam, waiting their turn at a doctor’s office, working out in the gym, shopping at the grocery store, or while chatting with their friends and family. Smart Phones are unique in that they are always on, always with us, and always connected. There is a whole upcoming generation of people that would rather give up their cable tv, occasional pizza, or a night out on the town before giving up their Smart Phone.

Mobile Facts

Here are some of the activities performed by mobile users each week:

• 81% connected to the Internet
• 77% performed a search on a search engine
• 63% accessed a social network
• 48% watched a video

But are they spenders?

• 74% of Smart Phone users make a purchase based on a Smart Phone search
• 95% of users search for local information with 9 out of 10 taking action

The Day of Mobile has Arrived

Many think that mobile marketing is the next wave, but the age of the mobile device is here and now. Smart Phones outsell computers by far and 50% of US citizens already own a Smart Phone. With all of this activity on mobile phones, it is surprising to see that 79% of businesses do not offer a mobile friendly version of their website to searchers. Most business owners do not even realize that the needs of mobile users are very different than those performing searches on desktops or laptops. For starters, a mobile screen is much smaller than a computer monitor, which makes it much harder to read your website’s information.

So you ask, how do I create a mobile friendly site? It’s as easy as performing a mobile search. Keep your layout simple, prioritize your content (you do not need a mobile version of your entire website), use uniquely mobile features, design for thumbs—not mice, and make it easy to convert users.

Increase Your Conversions and Sales

With a mobile optimized site, you are sure to increase your online conversions and sales. As mobile search is still on the rise, the day will soon come when mobile searches will far exceed the amount of searches performed on desktops and laptops.


Publisher: Orlando Business Journalobj
Column Name: Savvy Online Strategies
Article Title: Don’t Forget Mobile
Writer: Michael Coudriet