Drawbacks of the Twitter Interface and Free Popular Solutions
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When you go to Twitter.com, you will notice that you can send Tweets and DMs on the homepage, but you are restricted in what you can view on your screen.  Twitter only allows you to view a couple of tweets at a time. You can set up groups, but if you are following a lot of people or companies, then you will miss out on a lot of tweets because of the limited screen space.

What many people choose to do is to use free software that is readily available online. By doing so, you will have increased control to read, post and reply to tweets. Some of the more popular free solutions out there are:

Spaz – Which offers a mobile version and changeable skins. They also offer a desktop version of their application as well.

TweetdeckAllows you to create groups, auto shortens URLs for you, runs on Mac and PC, and you can organize everything into columns.

Twhirl – This application can be downloaded and run on your computer. It allows you to handle a few Twitter accounts at the same time. Twhirl also lets you update other social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace to name a few.

With any of these free Twitter interface solutions, your Twitter experience will be more enjoyable and more productive.