Following with Twitter
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On Twitter, people “follow” one another. When you follow someone on Twitter, their tweets appear on your Twitter timeline which is part of your Twitter account. You will not need their approval to follow them, as long as their account is a public account and not private. You can follow friends, family members, movie stars, businesses, and a whole lot more.

Now, when it comes to marketing your business on Twitter, you want to get as many qualified followers as possible, as they can turn into customers. One of the best ways to get followers is to post useful information that will make others want to follow you. Once again, do not beat them over the head with your sales message because tweeple, Twitter people, will unfollow you very quickly and that is not our objective here. When marketing through social media, try to think of it as inviting a friend over for dinner and building a relationship over time that can lead to a sale. When your friend comes over to eat for the very first time, you should be more interested in getting to know him or her and not immediately selling to them. If you begin “pitching” them too soon, you risk losing not only a potential sale, but more importantly, a friend too.