Hire a Salesman First and Maybe Even Second
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Being in business is all about having prospects to sell to, and if you do not want to sell then, you need to hire someone who does. It is your job as the owner to keep the cash register ringing whether you are directly responsible for closing the deal or not. Before you hire someone to create your first product or before you hire any staff to perform services for customers, hire someone whole sells well. Make sure that they are friendly, passionate, courteous, persistent, respectful, dedicated, and above all, marvelous closers. Think about it. When a new home builder begins developing homesites, the first thing that they do is get some salespeople on the property so that they can start selling some houses. They do not even have the model homes built yet, but they know that they have to sell to start  the construction workers building the homes and to keep the loan officers busy closing loans.

In reality, your entire staff needs to sell the customer in one form or another. Certainly your secretary will not be presenting prospects with proposals and quotes, but they will often be the first impression of your company to visitors of your brick and mortar business. Once the prospective client has walked in the door, they have already begun judging your company and deciding if this is who they want to do business with. The service and courtesy that your employees offer to prospects and customers goes a long way in the sales process.

One company that I have always been impressed with is Lexus. If you ever buy a  vehicle from them, it is a true experience in red carpet service and sales. Rudy, our salesman, was a pleasure to deal with and that’s saying something because I can’t stand most car salesmen and dealerships. Because he did such a great job working with us, I would certainly buy another vehicle from him and would have no problem referring him more customers. Good salesmen and service truly keep the register ringing.

So, after you find your first great salesman, don’t hesitate to get your second.