In Small Business, Always Take the Money
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Whatever you do, do not create excuses for not taking on new projects and sales that can generate you money. I remember the first time that I sold a website. It was to our local chamber of commerce and I had absolutely no idea of how to make one. All I knew at the time was that there was a program called Adobe Dreamweaver that could help you make a site. Of course, I was a bit concerned at first and if I could not get the job done, I would have hired someone else to do it for me. If I would have turned that job down, it very well would have affected any referral work that the chamber of commerce would have brought my business. Business is too hard to come by to turn down work. It can have a nasty residual effect on your company’s bottom line.

So when it comes to getting a project that may be a bit too consuming for your company, refuse to say no to the money. If you are a florist and you just can’t handle the size of the order, then, higher temporary help or get other local florist companies involved that can offer you a decent price and at the same time, allow you to still make a profit.

If you perform well just once in situations like this, you can get more projects from the same customer as well as highly desirable referrals. Do not make it harder on yourself and do not make excuses by choosing not to bid. If there is money to be made, do not pass up on the opportunity because it will never come by again.