Money or Fame? Go for the Money Every Time!
small business success tips





Whatever you do with your time and money do not waste it on fame unless you are using your fame as a lead generator for your business. At the end of the day, fame does not pay the bills and stroking your ego with popularity, will not increase sales. Always choose sales over awards and profits over plaques.

If you are the face of your business, as is often the case for realtors and architects, then, make sure that any publicity that you get is directed to your company’s products and services. Put them first over promoting yourself when it comes to media coverage. Try to get your top money makers or cash cows featured in any article, news story, blog post, review or any other form of media that may be covering you.

Rather than having an article that has only pictures of you, ask the publication to show some of your best services or products. Basically, do not waste your time on tasks that do not involve customer acquisition and retention. Focus your time and efforts on increasing the bank account and not inflating your ego. Chances are that your fame has not accounted for many sales in your business anyhow.

When fame does come, make sure that you redirect the spotlight where it belongs and that is on the products and services that you offer that provide you the lifestyle that you enjoy.