Some Top Strategies for Getting Web Traffic





web strategiesThere are many ways to get visitors to your business website as long as you don’t mind putting in the effort. One way is article marketing. Basically, article marketing is when you write different articles and distribute them through various article directories or websites.

Article Marketing

With article marketing you have a two-fold advantage. First, article marketing can help by improving the ranking of your website in the search engines. Second, in addition to getting the visitor to read your articles, it provides the reader with an opportunity to get more information about your business directly from your web site.

Forum and Blog Commenting

Another method of generating traffic for your business website is through comments on blogs and forums. Blogs are great for attracting similar types of people who are searching for the same things. By participating in blogs, you can quickly and easily build up a fan base for your business by sharing your thoughts and knowledge on any given topic. Also, forum discussions are a fast and easy way to increase your popularity. Simply by asking questions or answering the posts of others, you begin building a rapport within that forum community. Just remember to list your website URL under your name when you post, so everyone will know how to find you.

Search Engine Directories

One very important way to generate more visitors to your business website is to list your business in search engine directories. One of the most popular online directories is run by Yahoo! Some directories will allow you to list your business free while others will charge a fee. The fees for web directories vary anywhere from $5 to $300 per listing depending on the directory. Most directories have a review process and do not automatically approve your business listing. Directory listings have proven to help increase your website rankings in search engines like Google.

Online Videos

Another great way to get web traffic is through posting videos online. Youtube is one of the most visited sites on the web. It is by far to best place to post your videos for additional exposure and traffic. Professional online videos can help create instant credibility.

By following these initial online traffic strategies, you can boost not only your web traffic, but your bottom line as well.


Publisher: Orlando Business Journalobj
Column Name: Savvy Online Strategies
Article Title: Some Top Strategies for Getting Web Traffic
Writer: Michael Coudriet





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