Social Networking Versus Social Marketing
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A lot of people are totally missing the boat when it comes to marketing their business online. They seem to think that once they have the right to contact you online (maybe you followed them on Twitter or sent a friend request on Facebook) that they also have the right to shove their products and services down your throat as fast and endlessly as they can.

Somehow they seem to miss the fact that their is social etiquette online just like their is social etiquette in everyday life. If you had not seen a friend for a while, would you hit them with your sales pitch right away or would you first try to renew your acquaintance with them by having them over or lunch or dinner? I hope that you would elect to freshen up the relationship first. Now if you have the common sense to handle a friend that way, how do you think that you should handle someone that you have never met online?

I am amused that as soon as you follow someone on Twitter, that you quickly receive Direct Messages pushing their stuff repeatedly. It use to be that email spam was the big problem. Now, it’s social media spam that is rearing it’s ugly head. I think that if these people offered to genuinely help people build their businesses and help individuals achieve their personal goals, then they would have no problem selling their stuff too.

People and companies have no problems with buying. People actually love to buy, but they absolutely detest being sold to. So, if you are about to launch into social marketing, maybe it is best if you think of it as social networking. Take the time to network and help others. It will only increase your bottom line.