Here is a snapshot of the services that we offer:

Internet Marketing

google» Google Domination – This is our most requested service and sets us apart from all internet marketing companies. This service allows you to own multiple results on page one of Google, MSN and Yahoo, and by doing so, you will eliminate your online competitors and take in more profits from customers who are ready to buy!

Lead Generation» Lead Generation – We capture online leads for you and show you who to target online, how to sell to them, and how to go about reaching them. We also identify new markets that you should be reaching to increase your sales.

Email Marketing» Email Marketing – This is a very important in feeding your sales funnel. Once we capture the customer lead, we seek to close the deal by warming up the lead to your services and/or products. Email auto responders are one of the best ways to stay in touch with current customers as well as potential customers.

Pay Per Click» Pay Per Click (PPC) – We can set up and optimize your PPC campaign to ensure the highest return on investment for the keywords that bring you customers while eliminating any over spending. We can also help you identify new markets and untapped opportunites for making more money in your market.

Search Engine Optimization» Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – We optimize pages on your site as well as build you quality back links that take you straight to the top of the search engines. Only white hat techniques are used to ensure long term results. We have never gotten a site banned and we never will with our proven, tried and true back linking strategies. We are the Orlando SEO company of choice if you are looking for bottom line results.

Social Media» Social Media – Reach new clients, establish your brand, and even offer customer service through sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and more. We can set up your accounts, design your theme/profile, build you a following, submit posts, identify new clients, syndicate all of your content, and much more. Get in on the Social Media wave before your competitors scoop up all the profits.

Online Video» Online Video – Online video will not only be big in the future. It is big now. Many people prefer the convenience of watching video over reading text on a computer monitor when they are researching online before they make a purchase. We can record, edit, upload and market your videos on all of the video sites not to mention your own site too. With servers getting faster, more and more of your potential customers are watching video online everyday.

Content Writing» Content Writing – If you are short on time or just don’t like doing it, we offer content writing for websites, blogs, email marketing, article sites, social sites etc……. Our American expert content writers are also editors and that helps ensure quality content for all of your web and internet marketing needs.

Local Listings» Local Listings for Search Engines, Cell Phones, Mobile Devices and GPS Devices – Make sure that everyone can find your business in a moment’s notice from every device possible. We get you listed in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and into online Yellow Pages like Superpages, Yellowpages, and into internet portals and guides such as AOL and City Search, and on cell phones and mobile devices like the BlackBerry and iPhone, 411 Directory Assistance, in-car GPS navigation, and telematics such as OnStar. Most businesses fail to do this and thus are missing out on serving more customers with their products and services.

Competition Analysis» Competition Analysis – Would you like to know what keywords are your competition’s biggest producers? How much they are spending on pay per click and on what keywords? What are their best performing ads? How much traffic they get? Where they get their links? Where their weaknesses are in their online marketing efforts? Would you like to know how to beat them? Our in-depth competition analysis will give you thorough insight into your competition that is vital to increasing your online customer base and sales while winning online.

Brand Management» Brand and Reputation Management – Companies can suffer undue criticism online and this can greatly affect their sales. With our online Reputation and Brand Management Program, we can help negative online press simply fade away so that customers do not continue to lose trust and confidence in your products and services. We also help you address any negative information that is being said online about your company before it gets too popular and goes viral. The sooner you put the fire out, the less it will hinder your business.

Site Analytics» Site Analytics – Receive pertinent data concerning your online customers, web traffic, and sales with monthly reporting for your site. This is very helpful in determining what steps to take next and where to get more customers.


Web Design

Web Design» Web Creation – Most web designers build websites backwards and they will not make much money for your business online. That is because they truly do not understand how to create a website for Search Engine Optimization and online conversions. Have your website designed the right way (which is cheaper in the long run) from the start and avoid the aggravation and extra expense of having your site done incorrectly.

Web Redesign» Web Redesign – Most websites need to be better optimized to reach more customers or you may find yourself with a site that is simply outdated. Whatever the case may be, our design team can get you on the right path with a properly designed site.

Web Content» Monthly Changes and Content Updates – We offer a new monthly content schedule with which we post new web pages and content to your site. The search engines love new content and growing your site with new content is a great way to keep them happy as well as helping you get more customers and more web traffic.