Become a Trendsetter in Your Market Utilizing Online Social Media
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Become a Trendsetter in Your Market Utilizing Online Social Media

With Social Media, your communication goals should remain quite simple. They are to educate, entertain, engage, excite and evangelize your online audience with all things that concern your brand and market. These 5 E’s (educate, entertain, engage, excite and evangelize) of online marketing will bring increased message clarity as well as increased sales. Let’s take a quick look at the 5 E’s of online social media marketing.


  1. Educate – As you unveil your products and/or services to your online audience through social media, you will have a much faster and better gauge of your marketing efforts. Social Media creates an instant two-way line of communication between you and your target audience. This is very unlike a direct mail campaign where you send out a direct mail piece, wait for the results, and then compile that data into a report. With social media, you will quickly know what your audience is thinking which will allow you to make necessary changes faster. Thus, saving time and money.
  2. Entertain – As businesses, we all have something to sell but we need to be tactful in our approach. And please make sure, that you are not boring while doing it. With Social Media, it is expected that you let your personality or company persona shine through your marketing messages, especially with video.
  3. Engage – When it comes to audience responses online, make sure that you reply and join the conversation. Just don’t post content on your Social Media outlets, and forget about it. Stay engaged on any conversation that develops in response to your content posts. If you ignore customer responses, this will cost you money.
  4. Excite – With social media, you can build anticipation and excitement numerous ways. You can give out advanced notices of an event through Twitter or create a Youtube video that leads up to a special product launch. Of course, only your followers will truly be in the “Know.” Bt energizing your fan base, your products and/or service will sell quicker.
  5. Evangelize – Because you are engaged in “all things” concerning your brand, products and services, it is easier to convert buyers/customers into evangelists. And we all know that these evangelists are great for warm referrals.