The Business Marketing Revolution Known as Twitter
twitter for business





Imagine a place where millions of potential customers gather daily to talk, share new ideas and share their opinions on business products and services. In the process, they are helping to shape and mold new ways in which businesses and customers communicate with one another. This new place on the web is known as Twitter. This micro-blogging platform is changing the marketing and communication game as we knew it. It is helping to cultivate a new level of intimacy between customers and businesses and I dare say that the customers have the upper hand in this platform, but that it is not necessarily a bad thing, when you know how to use this to your advantage.

Twitter has literally exploded onto the seen in the last few years, and it is growing at the rate of 1,382% year after year and it currently has well over six million members. It is not uncommon to see major businesses, and news stories promoting their Twitter account for additional information. We are hearing more about Twitter now than blogs. It’s growth is nothing short of phenomenal and it presents marvelous opportunities for growing our businesses.

Brand loyalty and management has never been so important and Twitter allows us to do this with great results!