Tweet Tweet – Retweet
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When you share your tweets with all of your followers, make sure that you include a “human side” to your posted messages too. It’s acceptable to let followers know some more personal non business information such as, I just got out of a boring meeting, I can’t wait for the weekend, I lost my keys, I forgot to buy my wife’s birthday present, I was late to work, I am going to my kids play, or I just picked up Starbucks. I think you get the point here. By doing this, you will make your business more relatable to clients.

Besides posting your own posts on Twitter, you can share useful tweets with others. This is known as retweeting, and it is a vital part of the social experience within Twitter. When you are retweeting, you are sending tweets to your followers that you basically are endorsing that others have posted. Retweeting goes well beyond just giving someone credit for a good Twitter post. By doing it, you are letting your followers know that you value this person’s opinion, or you like this post, or you find this tweet helpful and informative.

The other side of retweeting is when others retweet you tweets. This can help you get your message out to the Twitter world much faster.